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Whatever content you’re trying to share, make sure you’re sharing it in the right places. Today we’re going to show you how…

There are so many ways to get your stuff ‘out there’ on social media and blogs these days, but what is it that grabs someone’s attention and encourages them to engage with your content? We’ve been sharing our products, our blog posts and our fun philosophy with anyone who’ll listen for years and at times it has been tough to find anyone – let alone the ‘right’ people - to chat with about our stuff. That said, the occasions when our audience have truly engaged with our ramblings and chatted back have made it all worthwhile. So, don’t despair – it can be done! Here are some nuggets of advice that we’ve come up with on our ChattyFeet journey and we hope it’ll help you too.

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Find people who care about what you do

If you’ve written an insightful blog post or your article has been published on a major website don’t just tweet it out. First, ask yourself: “Who cares about what we do?” This will help you to find people who are interested in your topic. You can bet that there will be someone out there on the internet who has covered the same subject area. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that all your hard work was a waste of time – it means that you both have something in common and can help each other out. Searching for a specific hashtag on social media can help you to identify who has written about the topic before. Plus, you can keep a record of the names of writers and editors when you read relevant magazines or news stories about the topic.

Don’t forget to add what you want from them; Is it to feature your product? Is it to share your blog post with their audience? Is it to buy a product from you? Make sure they understand why you contacted them and how you can help each other.

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Have an insight you can share from your own experience

Even if you’ve studied a subject for years and know all the theory about a topic, it can be difficult to grab people’s attention without sharing your own personal experiences. That’s because no-one wants to read a text book! But if you can share an experience that they can relate to, it makes your content all the more interesting. Every time you sit down to write something, think to yourself: “What do I know about my topic that nobody else does?” If you’ve been working on a project for a while you must have some interesting insights that might help someone else. For us, it took a long time to understand that most people buy ChattyFeet as a gift to others. This interesting insight enabled us to share our gift brand status with the people who write about us, which in turn made their content more relevant too. Sharing personal insights is also an opportunity to let your awesome personality to shine through and will ensure that people come back for more.

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Understand the content type

The truth is that a large audience is not the only parameter you should be working towards. You can have a great mention in a major publication but this could still only have quite a small impact on your business. It's therefore important to understand the content type. When we get mentioned in a gift guide, for example, the impact is greater because the audience is people who are looking for gifts, meaning that what we offer is relevant to them. The question to be asking yourself is: “What type of content is the best for my own brand message?” If your brand is about finding new places in the city, you should look for articles that discuss the best new restaurant or music venue of the week and try to get them interested in what you do.


Timing is everything

If you’re got a great product or fantastic piece of content that you know a customer or reader would enjoy (even though they don’t know it yet!) there’s nothing stopping you from recommending it to them. But don’t just go flinging links at people left-right- and-centre; be selective about who you contact and when. There are times of the year when your content will be more relevant. For us as a gift brand, people tend to mention us more around Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and other holidays. If you look back at similar articles from last year you can find out when the optimal time for sharing your product or content is. And when you’re ready to get your content product out there at the right time, make sure you target your audience with a hashtag or two so that it gets seen by the right people.

Getting people interested in your content

We hope that these ideas will help you to develop some new acquaintances and get your content or products in front of the ‘right’ people who will want to read it, buy it or share it. The more it’s shared, the bigger your reach, so every extra retweet really does count. These tips are more about starting a conversation with your potential customers or audience, rather than giving them the hard-sell, and we’ve found that this is the best way to communicate with the people who matter. Well, they don’t call us ChattyFeet for nothing!

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