We started ChattyFeet to make the world a happier place, so we’re very conscious of our environmental impact. To us, this includes how far a product travels, the materials it’s made from and how long it lasts.

ChattyFeet Socks - Sustainability

Serious about quality
We’re a brand that loves to laugh, but there’s one thing we don’t joke about - quality.
Our hope is that families will take our characters on lots of adventures and enjoy many moments of laughter together.

75% combed cotton
It’s the key ingredient that makes our socks extra soft and comfy. While some polyester is needed to keep your socks stretchy, we know that using a high percentage of cotton makes soles smile. Some of our designs are available in organic cotton. See them here.

Reducing our footprint
We want to create more smiles with fewer miles, so we produce the majority of our products close to where our customers live. As more people discover our products around the world, we’ll be searching for additional suppliers that can help us with this goal.

Trusted suppliers
All of our socks are made in Europe and Turkey. Our paper models are produced in the UK. Working with factories that are close by means we can get to know our suppliers and make sure they’re upholding our high quality standards. We’d love to source everything locally, but sadly this is not possible for all of our products.

Finding balance
Creating a sustainable business is about valuing people, planet and profit. We believe we’re on the right track, but we know we could always do better. We’ll update this page as our story progresses.

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