Funny Socks Gift Sets

Finding the right gift can be tricky but these funny sock gift sets are designed to bring fun moments and joy to the people you care about. Each box feature four unique characters from the world of art, science and action film. Vincent Van Toe is the ideal sock friend to take to an art exhibition but Albert Einstoe and Stephen Toeking can be more helpful for understanding the fabrics of our universe.  Pick up a funny sock gift set for women and men.

Funky Socks - Famous Artists Characters - Art Gift Funky socks - Pop Art characters - Art Gift Idea

The Artists Socks Gift Set


Funky Socks - Modern Artists Characters - Art Gift Art Socks Gift Box - Illustrated Modern Artists - ChattyFeet

Modern Artists Socks Gift Set


Novelty Socks - Action Film Characters - ChattyFeet Gift Sets - Funky Socks Characters - BadAss

The BadAss Gift Set


Funky socks - The Science Gift Box by ChattyFeet Science gift idea - Cool socks collection

The Science Socks Gift Set