The Story of ChattyFeet Funky Socks

It all began one night many years ago. We were joking around and started to ponder a very important question: ‘What if our socks could talk?’ It was one of those light bulb moments, but once the spark had been ignited we simply couldn’t turn it off…

As two playful types we thought that grownupland gets a bit too serious at times. So it soon became our mission to inject more fun into people’s lives through our characterful ChattyFeet socks.

Originally our cheery designs were meant for adults, with Prof. Brian Sox, Mr. Grrrril, Miko and Murdoc shaking up the sock drawers of men and women everywhere. But why should adults have all the fun? Kids love ChattyFeet too! Now you’ll notice there’s a mini-me pair of every character… just the ticket for a spot of sock puppetry or a toe-tapping adventure with the family.

Talking of families, our funny footwear family has grown considerably since the early days. We now have more than 40 quirky designs, each with their own unique personality. They’ve been created by designers all over the globe, including talented friends and eager students! And there are plenty more in the pipeline…

Every pair is produced from combed cotton. It’s what makes them super soft and uber comfy for all-round tootsie happiness. But that’s just a small part of their charm. Our cool sock characters are known to become their owners’ alter egos, unleashing inner divas, clowns and mafia bosses everywhere!

Kick off your shoes and see for yourself.
Or share the fun by sending a pair as an unusual gift.  

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