ChattyFeet socks are made from high quality Combed cotton (75%) which is why our socks are extremely soft and feel great on your skin. The production process involves removing dirt and seeds and then lining up the cotton fibres (carding) so they all lie in the same direction.

After the fibres are aligned, the finest brushes are used to remove any remaining prickling fibres while keeping only the long and straight ones. This is the reason that when you wear ChattyFeet socks they feel so soft with less prickles. Combed cotton is a better option for babies and people with sensitive skin.

But don't just take our word for it, read what other people thought about our socks:

"Meet the ChattyFeet. Wittingly named and incredibly soft, these are the socks, or friends, you need in your life."


"... I loved the bright colours and the incredibly soft texture, and I love love love that one pair was called Professor Brian Sox.."