Join us as we explore the planet’s most surprising architectural design. From summerhouses shaped like pineapples to buildings flipped on their heads and museums modelled on teapots, we’ve hotfooted it across all seven continents to bring you the world’s most comedic constructions. Have you spotted any funny buildings on your travels? Share them with us in the comments.

The Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland
18th Century folk really loved their pineapples, and it appears no one loved them more than the 4th Earl of Dunmore. In 1777, he extended his summer residence to include his favourite fruit. Today, you can get a pineapple slice of the action by renting this funny house through the Landmark Trust.

Funny Buildings - The Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland

Dom Do Gory Nogami (Upside down house), Zakopane, Poland
The architects of this funny house clearly wanted to create a dizzying effect. Not only is the building flipped on its head, but all of the rooms, including the toilet, are also upside down. Unsurprisingly, no one actually lives in this building – it’s really just for photo opportunities. It reminds us of this topsy turvy house in Brighton, which Sole-Adore Dali was particularly fond of…
Funny Houses - Upside down

The Shoe, Mpumalanga, South Africa

We love footwear-inspired silliness more than most, so we were instantly drawn to The Shoe in South Africa. While it was initially constructed for the owner’s wife (who was clearly a fan of the famous nursery rhyme), The Shoe is now a museum and the entrance to a man-made cave. You’ll find it around 20km from Ohrigstad.

Funny Buildings - Shoe House

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Longaberger Basket Building, Ohio, USA
The story goes that Dave Longaberger wanted each of his company’s offices to look like a basket, but at the time of his death, only the Ohio building had been built. While it was originally the Longaberger company’s headquarters, there are now plans to turn it into a hotel. At 180,000 square feet, we can’t help but bask-et in its glory.


Fun Buildings - Longaberger

Campanopolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina
This isn’t what you expect to find 20 miles outside of Buenos Aires. The brainchild of eccentric millionaire Alberto Campana, Campanopolis is a medieval village built on almost 500 acres. With cobbled streets, a windmill and even its own church, it’s weird, wonky and wonderful in equal measures.

The Fish Building, Hyderabad, India
When the National Fisheries Development Board needed a new head office, they decided to do something truly off the scale (get it?). Completed in 2012, this giant fish building really looks like it’s swimming. You have to sea it to believe it.

Teapot Building, Jiangsu Province, China
From the UK to the USA, it seems as if the whole world is obsessed with teapot-shaped buildings, but our favourite architectural design is in Jiangsu Province. Constructed in 2014, the building is inspired by Yixing pottery. We love a humorous concept executed beautifully – this is definitely one for Instagram.

Halley VI, Antarctica
Our tour concludes on the world’s southernmost continent, Antarctica, where you’ll find the Halley VI. Built on hydraulic legs, this incredible building can climb out of deep snow. It even sits on giant skis, so that it can be towed away from danger if needed. We love that it looks like an AT-AT walker.

Funny Structures -Halley VI
Photo by Outdoorstu

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