What the world needs now is laughs, sweet laughs. We love it when music and comedy collide to create truly noteworthy performances, so we’ve created our own comedy music chart. The bands featured here truly put the fun in funk. Do they have the style to make you smile?

It has a good ring to it
Flight of the Conchords are a comedy music duo from New Zealand best known for their ridiculous rock ballads. Their giggle-inducing repertoire includes songs about robots taking over the world and the pressures of being skint in a small flat in the city, but our favourite skit is the band’s performance of ‘Frodo, don’t wear the ring’, a Lord of the Rings spoof about the hobbit’s journey to Mordor.

Watts makes you smile?
Using a combination of beat boxing, loop pedals and showstopping vocals, American comedian Reggie Watts blends pure musical talent with his unique stream-of-consciousness style to create captivating and surreal performances. Prepare to be tickled by his energetic one-man-show, ‘humour in music’.

Having the last laugh
We all know that 2020 was a bit of a disaster, but Flo & Joan managed to see the comedic side of the crisis. Their 2020 song first went viral online, which led to this hilarious TV performance on Russell Howard’s Good News. There’s a few F-majors in this one, so we recommend listening with headphones – we don’t want the colourful language to get you into treble.

Nothing to dread here
Dread Zeppelin are one of the most famous and hilarious cover bands out there. They’ve been known to blend Led Zeppelin hits with reggae rhythm and their frontman is an Elvis impersonator. From their outrageous costumes to their on-stage antics, we’ve got a whole lotta love for their comedy songs.

You love this, yeah, yeah, yeah?
Often referred to as the ‘greatest comedian of all time’, Peter Sellers was known for his character-based comedy sketches. In this famous BBC radio performance from 1964, Sellers remixes ‘She loves you’ by the Beatles with a bizarre and trippy impersonation of Dr Strangelove (the film was also released that year). Perhaps this is what Freddie Mercury meant by Radio GaGa.

The greatest comedy song in the world?
We think it’s Tribute. The 2002 rock anthem penned by Tenacious D tells the story of two musicians (Jack Black and Kyle Glass) who make a deal with the devil (The Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl). Having managed to play the greatest song in the world, hilarity ensues when the duo realise they’ve forgotten the tune and can only describe it – hence the title, ‘Tribute’.

Did these comedy songs hit all the right notes?
We hope our chart has upped the tempo of your day. If your favourite musical sketch didn’t make the cut, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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