We love it when famous faces (and their talented toes!) share photos of our socks on social media – especially when we’re big fans of their work. We like to imagine them grinning as they read our character names and descriptions. Is there a famous foot you’d like to see wearing our socks?

Fearne’s cotton socks
Television presenter Fearne Cotton recently ch-ch-ch-changed up her wardrobe and shared this colourful snap of David Toewie on Instagram. We think she looks like a sockstar.

Fearne Cotton Wearing ChattyFeet Socks

Fun with Fielding
When Noel Fielding promoted his Art Club on Twitter, he also introduced his fans to Andy Sock-Hole. We were thrilled that our socks cheered him up while on lockdown. Why not put your feet up and take part in his classes

Andy Sock-Hole by ChattyFeet featured on Noel Fielding's Arts Club 

Future of footwear
In the final episode of the BBC’s Back In Time For Dinner, our eagle-eyed fans spotted that Prof. Brian Sox and Commander Awesome made a cameo appearance. The family were testing out an automatic vacuum cleaner and our cheeky socks managed to sneak into shot. Take a look for yourself...

ChattyFeet featured on BBC’s Back In Time For Dinner 


Serving up smiles
The world-famous chef Yotam Ottolenghi made our entire month when he shared a photo of our sock collection. He clearly found Frida Callus amusing. Ottolenghi brings us so much joy with his cooking, we were honoured to bring him happiness through our designs.
 ChattyFeet Artist Socks Featured on Yotam Ottolenghi's Instagram

Getting toes tapping 
It was music to our ears when we found out that Will Todd planned to feature five pairs of our socks on his album ‘footprints’. Take a look at the characters he photographed in this tweet.

ChattyFeet featured on Musician Will Todd's Album 'Footprints' 

Building a fanbase
Having watched architect Bjarke Ingels on the Netflix documentary series Abstract, we were excited to see he’d shared our Artists Sock Collection on Instagram. We wonder which of the characters was his favourite?

ChattyFete featured by Architect Bjarke Ingels


The gift of laughter
When Olivier Award-Winning actor Stephen Ashfield received our Artists Sock Collection from a friend, he took to Twitter to say how much he loved them. Thank you Stephen!

ChattyFeet Artist Socks Featured by Stephen Ashfield

Head over heels
And finally, while the famous designer Stefan Sagmeister didn’t actually endorse our socks, he was certainly surprised by them. When we first started out, we had to think with our feet to get noticed. We’re sorry for photobombing you Stefan!

ChattyFeet PhotoBomb - Stefan Sagmeister

Share your sock selfies
As Andy Sock-Hole says, ‘everyone should have a famous foot for at least 15 minutes’. Share your sock selfies with us on Instagram and claim your rightful place in the sock-n-roll hall of fame.