We have decided to share with you the design process for our character: Meghan Ankle, illustrated by Sam Green. We had to ask Sam some burning questions too so read on! 

Royal Wedding - Character Design - Meghan Ankle

Meghan Ankle: Versions 1-4


What makes the creation of an illustrated sock character challenging?
Defining the essence of someone's appearance using simplistic shapes is actually very difficult and takes a while to get it right, I think I may have discovered the formula this time though.

How do you identify the characteristics that will make a character recognisable?
I try to recognise aspects of the face that are distinctive and then go about interpreting the features by creating simple shapes, but there is no easy solution. You have to create many mistakes before you can identify the correct equation. Some faces have more distinctive qualities that stand out which makes it easier.

Royal Wedding - Character Illustration - Meghan Ankle

Meghan Ankle: Versions 4-8


You have Illustrated both Kate Middle-Toe and Meghan Ankle- which one was more difficult and why?
I think Meghan was more difficult, there seemed to be certain nuances in her face which were hard to identify at the beginning, mainly her nose and eyes. In the end a very simple half circle shape was all it needed, but I spent a long time overcomplicating things and was struggling to define her nose in a simple way. I've found that many people resemble certain animals and this is how I try to visualise them, in Meghan's case, she reminded me of a teddy bear so this helped me find a solution.

Is there a ChattyFeet sock character you like more than the rest?
It's a tie between David Sock-Knee and Yayoi Toesama

Did you see any exceptional inspirational illustration work recently?
I always enjoy work by Mrzyk & Moriceau and Tim Lahan.

What other profession would you choose if you weren't an illustrator?
Perhaps something within the film industry or a photographer.

From all the work you have done, is there one project that has a special meaning for you?
A piece called 'Treading Water 2' which kicked off my career and got me noticed by people in the industry. 

Illustrator Sam Green - Treading Water II

If you want to see more work by Sam, check out his website.