Illustration by Stefano Marra


Hello friends, how are you feeling today? Funny, happy, energetic, excited? Or rather more lacklustre than that? If you want to have a laugh, and make life a little more light-hearted, why not take some inspiration from your childhood to bring back the fun? Here are seven silly suggestions that’ll put a smile on your face and playfulness in your sole, erm soul.


1. Get into a fight
No, we don’t mean a punch-up. We’re talking about a pillow fight, water fight or a tickle fight! Or you could throw leaves, balled-up paper, cut grass or (if the weather permits) snowballs at each other. Grab your friends and start a ruckus! You’ll be laughing and squealing together in no time. And the good thing about this type of fight is that there’s no winners or losers, you’ll keep play-fighting until you’re all exhausted and decide to call a truce. Are you looking at me??

People having a water fight - playful life

2. Speak silly
If you’re chatting with your pals, why not adopt a silly voice for the duration of the conversation? Pick a high pitch or sink your voice down to Barry White levels. Pick an accent that none of you can do and try to perfect it. Of course, speaking as a character makes this game even more fun so use ChattyFeet socks as puppets and spend the whole evening talking as them. Who would you want to be? Sole-Adore Dali perhaps?

3. Dance, dance, dance
Lively music is always guaranteed to make you feel happy so surely blasting out some cheesy pop while dancing like a loon is going to be the greatest fun ever?! This activity is the best fun when you’re doing a secret dance on your own, because you can really throw some crazy shapes while no one is watching! You can skid across the dancefloor in your silliest socks and perfect your moves ready for the next night out. Be sure to do the actions to the words! Plus, you can listen to those embarrassing tracks that you secretly love – Ice Ice Baby!

Go dancing for a more playful life!

4. Play games
Board games are certainly not boring. Especially if you gather your friends round for an evening of quiz-based fun! Divide into teams and pick some fast-paced games to play. All kinds of havoc can occur when you’re up against the clock, so have fun frantically acting like famous film stars while the timer counts down in Charades. And don’t forget to draw your best stick-man in Pictionary with the help of our artists. The more that yelling answers is involved in a game, the more fun you’ll have! And our gamer sock Meggy can show you all the fun you can have playing retro computer games too – anyone for a virtual race?

Playing Table Football - playful life

5. Sing your heart out
Whether you’re belting out the soundtrack to your favourite movie or singing along to an advert jingle on the telly, put your all into it. Whistle, warble and wail your way through your favourite song. Take a leaf out of La Diva’s book and turn every pop track into an opera by singing in a grand booming voice. By the way, the acoustics in the bathroom are second-to-none so be sure to chant a tune in the shower and impress yourself with how great you sound. And if you’ve got a song going round and round in your head after hearing it on the radio in the morning, sing it out loud for all to hear - share that earworm!

Signing with La Diva - Playful life

6. Get competitive
Playing a sport is a brilliant way to have fun and get some exercise at the same time. Which can also make you happy, thanks to the endorphins that your body releases while it’s getting active. Remember the fun you used to have splashing around at the swimming pool when you were younger? And wasn’t cycling with the wind in your hair the best feeling ever? Surely kicking a ball around or playing frisbee in the park is one of the most fun ways to spend a Saturday afternoon ever! Grab some friends, bottles of water and a picnic blanket and re-live your teenage years.

Get competitive - playful life

7. Fly a kite
And our final suggestion is to fly a kite. Simple as that. Take a kite on a hike and watch in amazement as the wind takes it in different directions – can you control it? There’s something about the unpredictable nature of kite-flying that makes it a really fun outdoor activity that never gets boring. Tell us if you can think of anything that’s more fun than flying a kite. We certainly can’t. Enjoy!

Fly A Kite - Playful Life