They are tiny talking points that you can wear on your shirt, jumper, hat or even on a bag. You’ve probably owned one or two in your time, or perhaps you’re a collector. They are carefully crafted to catch your eye and are great for sparking conversation at social events or just adding some extra colour to an outfit.

With a resonance beyond a simple badge or brooch, you can add a bit of personality to your day with a colourfully etched enamel lion, a flower or funny caricature, but where did the idea for enamel pins come from?


Enamel pins: From past to present
It may be hard to believe but enamelling was first used in Ancient Egypt. Pins first appeared during the Ming dynasty in 13th Century China, they have been used as alternative to buttonhole flowers and some designs represent badges of honour, political affiliations or charitable causes. These days they have evolved beyond that, we use symbols to express ideas, aesthetics, affiliations or humour.

Enamel plaque, Byzantine Empire, c. 1100


Pins are personal
So what pin best expresses your personality as an individual? There are great designs inspired by famous scientists and authors, great to show your interests in a subtle way. In fact until someone sparks up conversation you are likely to forget you’re wearing it.

It’s also a great way to be funny, maybe at school you may have aspired to becoming a prefect but never made it - now it’s easy to pick up these pins and wear them as a humorous ironic statement.


When to wear Enamel pin
Enamel pins are a great conversation starter and people get curious about them so they are perfect for social events or when you just want to get more attention. When going to a play by Shakespeare it will be more than appropriate to wear this William Pin.  If you need some extra motivation in your next scientific experiment, you can wear Albert or Stephen Pin.


When thinking about an innovative idea that you want to discuss with someone, Leonardo will be perfect for a brainstorm. Or, if you’ve decided to pin your favourite artist to your shirt at work then that can be a good way to amuse your colleagues and spark their curiosity.


So next time you’re checking your image in the mirror before leaving the house, remember you may need a little finishing touch. Whatever you choose, wearing a pin can help us find common ground when networking or revealing something about your personality. See our enamel pin collection here.