We met in London years ago when we were both studying design. The idea for ChattyFeet came to us one night at a get together with good friends. We were joking around and started to ponder a very important question: ‘What if our socks could talk?’

Both of us were super excited about the idea. It seemed to have legs, so we got cracking…Within weeks we had a simple character prototype on a pair of white socks.
It looked like this:

ChattyFeet Socks First Prototype

The socks felt comfy on and we loved its funny expression. Before long four characters had come to life: MurdocMr. GrrrrilProf Brian Sox and Miko. Looking good fellas.

Then we faced our first hurdle… actually producing the socks. We underestimated just how much thought was needed to get the characters, fabric and timings exactly right, and had a few teething problems at first. But after some toe-ing (sorry!) and fro-ing, we finally got our first batch from the manufacturer and things started falling into place.

We began trading at Camden Market and learnt so much there. Just hearing people say the name ChattyFeet and seeing the reactions to our characters was priceless. And even on those bitterly cold days, our excitement kept us warm!

That was in 2013 and our ChattyFeet family has grown a fair bit since then.
Kate Middle-Toe was instagrammed by The British Vogue, David Sock-Knee and Frida Callus were featured in The Guardian and Tate Modern Shop decided to sell our Artist Collection!  

We now have 40 larger than life Socks for big feet and tiny ones… and have plenty more cheeky additions in the pipeline. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come and just love seeing people having fun with ChattyFeet. We hope you’re one of them. 

Meet The Socks