ChattyPillow - Illustrated Pillow Designs With Characters

Who Keeps You Good Company In Bed?

Meet ChattyPillow, your new bedtime companions who are always up for a cuddle or even a bit of pillow talk. 

Cool Pillowcase - Johnny Slept

Johnny Slept Pillowcase


With brooding good looks and dark seductive eyes, who can resist the intense charms of Johnny Slept? Get this illustrated pillowcase into bed and be ready to share your innermost fantasies because Johnny’s always prepared to indulge in a little role play.
Unusual Pillowcase - Taylor Sleep

Taylor Sleep Pillowcase


Cuddly and cute but quietly sexy, Taylor is eager to snuggle down with you for a night of romance. She’s looking her beautiful best and ready to indulge in a little pillow talk as you drift off into dreamland.
Cushion covers with illustrated characters icon plus Cushion covers with illustrated characters

Get both for £7.00 only!

Product Details

  • Pillow Case
  • Pillow is not included!
  • 50X75cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • washing labels
  • Designed in the UK / Produced in Spain
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