On Black Friday 2017 we launched the following campaign:

If you're tired of running after the best deals, you’ve come to the right place…
Our socks have asked us to do something different this year; "Instead of big discounts, can we do something a little bit more meaningful?" they asked.

Black Friday - Donate to charity with ChattyFeet

Sure! How about donating a percentage of our online sales on Black Friday to charity? This means you can still buy ChattyFeet but you’ll also be doing something good instead of just getting cheap deals. "Great idea!" said the socks.

Black Friday - No Deals - Donate to charity with ChattyFeet

So, who should we donate to? Well, we will let everyone vote! We've asked people to choose a charity out of 5 options: The Prince's Trust, Oxfam, WaterAid, Traid and WWF.

The majority of votes went to WaterAid and our donation is on the way to them!
Thanks to everyone who supported us to have a “Colourful Friday” with ChattyFeet.
The socks are still debating which colour was it...

Black Friday - Charity donation with ChattyFeet


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