Give your family a festive treat by making some DIY baubles filled with a pair of their favourite character socks. ‘Tree gifts’ are becoming more and more popular, so why not decorate your tree with handmade gifts that your family will love to open and wear on Christmas day? Here’s how to make them:

You will need:

Clear fillable baubles (available in craft shops)

Character socks (we’ve used Ada Shoe-Lace and The Sock Queen)


Star confetti


Step 1

Remove the labels from the socks so that they can easily fit inside the baubles.

DIY Christmas Tree Baubles With ChattyFeet

Step 2

Separate the pair and roll each sock up, starting with the cuff and ending with the face on the outside.

DIY Xmas Decorations With ChattyFeet

DIT Xmas Baubles With ChattyFeet

Step 3

If you’d like to include star confetti inside the bauble (which looks pretty on the tree and then sprinkles out when they open their gift) add a few pieces of the confetti into each half of the bauble.

Xmas Decorations With Confetti ChattyFeet 

Christmas Baubles DIY ChattyFeet

Christmas DIY Baubles

Step 4

Place the socks face-down into each half of the bauble. Position the socks so that the face is smooth against the curved edge of the bauble.

Fun Socks With Christmas DIY Baubles

Step 5

Twist the two halves of the bauble together and match up the hanging tabs at the top.

Funky Socks with DIY Christmas Baubles

Step 6

Cut a length of ribbon and feed it through the hole in the hanging tab. Tie into a bow and trim the tips of the ribbon into neat points.

DIY Decoration With Fun Socks Baubles

Step 7

Tuck a bauble hanger under the back of the bow and hang on the Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Decoration Baubles - DIY with ChattyFeet

If you’re making these DIY baubles for the whole family, you can pick a pair of socks to suit each family member’s personality. Does your child love science? Prof. Brian Sox or Albert Wise-Feet might be good lab companions for them. Is your teen a bit of a drama queen? La Diva will be ideal! If your partner is a movie buff, Don Cottone, The Sockfather will suit them perfectly. Our sock characters are available in child sizes from 12 months up to 10 years, and in adult sizes Medium (UK 5-8) and Large (UK 9-12) so there’s a pair to fit every member of the family.