With ‘wedding season’ in full swing this summer (and many invitations pinned to our calendar!) we’ve come with up with a fab gift idea for the bride and groom that won’t break the bank and will add a little fun to their life: his ‘n’ hers ChattyFeet.

We put together some romantic sock packs for Valentine’s Day and they have proved to be very popular with couples all around the world, so we know that the happy couple would enjoy receiving a set of snazzy socks on their wedding day.

Many couples have already set up home together so they don’t always go for a traditional wedding ‘gift list’ (usually full of toasters and cutlery!). It can therefore be difficult to know what present to buy the happy couple – what would they want? What do they need? – so choosing something fun rather than practical is a great idea.

Our sock sets, including characters  Vincent van Toe & Frida Callus and royals Wills Heels & Kate Middle-Toe, were ‘made for each other’ and giving this gift to the bride and groom will show them that you think they are the perfect match! Maybe you could give them the socks before the wedding to ensure some hilarious ‘outtake’ wedding photos featuring the ChattyFeet couple!

Sometimes the bride and groom will ask for gift vouchers instead of gifts, but we like to give a little present alongside the gift cards so that the love-birds have something to unwrap after their big day. And if that little something is a set of his ‘n’ hers ChattyFeet, you can be sure that they’ll have a fun time playing with their gift after the excitement of the wedding has settled down.

Perhaps you’d like to make a thoughtful gift package for their honeymoon? A cute gift bag stuffed with luxury chocolates, a bottle of bubbly and these romantic ChattyFeet would create a hamper that they can enjoy during their romantic getaway. Tie it up with lots of ribbon and a cute porcelain heart to create the prettiest gift on the present table.

Or maybe if you’re the bride or groom, why not buy these funny socks as a gift for your best man and bridesmaid? Funny photos from the reception are guaranteed with these colourful characters! Give the gift of laughter to keep the happy couple chuckling throughout their marriage with these perfect sock pairings, and who knows..? Maybe you’ll be able to treat them to matching mini versions of these ChattyFeet from the baby range soon!