Whether you’re searching for funny birthday gifts for the person who has everything, a unique idea to make a special someone smile, or even some Secret Santa surprises that are guaranteed to get a giggle, we’re here to make it even easier to match our characters with your mates. Check out these funny gifts for friends and see if you can find their perfect fit.


The musical mate
Are your friend’s feet constantly tapping? Maybe your dad is always searching for a surface to drum on or your mum drives you crazy with her humming? If music is a big part of your friend’s personality, we’ve got the (major) key to their next gift – our symphony of sock characters, Footgang Mozart and Beethwoven. We’re sure these funny birthday gifts will hit all the right notes.

Funny Gifts for Music Lovers


The big-dreaming buddy
We love blue-sky thinkers – those friends who can’t be held back from following their dreams, who see the impossible and turn it into a mission. If your friend or family member’s ambitions are stratospheric, they’ll be over the moon with Mae Jemisox, our extraordinary anklenaut. She’s ready to take their ambitions to new heights.

Astronaut socks- Gifts for friends


The pal with the plan
We all have that one friend who has every minute of their holiday mapped out before they reach the airport. The one who has a few too many Excel spreadsheets or is really into meal prepping. If you know someone who enjoys having every angle covered, we think they’ll also love Leg Corbusier, our foot arch-itect He’s the blueprint for fun with a good dose of structure.

Architect Socks - Funny Gifts for Friends


The problem-solving partner
Whether they love inventing fun things for you to do together or they’re the first one to figure out why the washing machine keeps eating your socks, then *lightbulb moment* it’s time you introduced your partner to Leonardo Toe Vinci. This genius character is the perfect gift for clever clogs.

Funny Birthday Gifts - Leonardo Socks


The super sidekick
Everyone has that one friend who’s ready to leap into action to save the day. Perhaps they were there to help you move your things into a new flat, or maybe they simply stayed up late watching movies with you when you needed cheering up. Either way, they sound like a superhero to us – and we think they’ll love Commander Awesome. Remember, not all heroes wear capes, some prefer silly socks.

Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends by ChattyFeet


Discover more funny gifts for friends
We have so many heel-arious characters for you to meet. If you’re still searching for the perfect match for your friend, describe them for us in the comments below and we’ll find their sole-mate.