Following on from our successful Black Friday campaign, today’s blog post is all about WaterAid UK. We hope to tell you a little more about the things the charity does and why they were delighted that we decided to have a ‘Colourful Friday’ instead!

In case you missed it, here at ChattyFeet we decided to do something a little different on Black Friday. Rather than slashing prices, we donated 20% of each sale on 24th November to a charity. And, we asked YOU to choose which deserving cause would benefit from the donation.

Our customers voted for WaterAid UK as the charity to receive our Black Friday ‘bonus’. When the tweet went out at the end of the day on Black Friday, WaterAid replied to us which made us very happy!

WaterAid Twitter Reply

The charity helps to bring clean water, decent toilets and better hygiene to people living in poverty around the world; enabling communities to better reach their potential and change their lives for good.

Charity campaign by WaterAidPhoto by WaterAid / Eliza Deacon

Here in the UK we can turn on our taps and have clean, running water whenever we need it. In fact, it’s probably something that we rarely stop to think about. We cook with it, bathe in it and wash our socks with it! But by simply being able to wash our hands and drink water, we can live a healthier life. It is this benefit that WaterAid aims to bring to communities who really need it.

One of the stories that really moved us was when WaterAid installed water and toilet facilities at a medical centre in Tanzania; helping to ensure the clinic was able to look after new mums and their babies safely and reduce the threat of water-related diseases and infections.

Charity campaign - WaterAid donationPhoto by WaterAid / Eliza Deacon

In the last year, WaterAid has brought clean water to 956,000 people, and since the charity started in 1981, the number of people who now have access to safe drinking water is over 25.8 million! That’s absolutely amazing, and something that we are proud to support with our Colourful Friday campaign.

Thanks to everyone who shopped with ChattyFeet on Black Friday and helped us donate 20% to this deserving charity. You have really made a difference and every donation helps WaterAid to carry on bringing water to the people who really need it.