This week, Kate Middle-Toe, Frida Callus, Feetasso, Loli and Venus went to a personal Yoga class in the park. They had so much fun thanks to Aneta, their coach, who showed them some amazing Yoga poses with cool names that are hard to pronounce such as Natarajasana and Pincha Maruyasana. Please note that some of these poses require professional guidelines and advisory. So let’s see what they got up to…

Duchess Kate is stretching in the Backbend Full Wheel pose also called Setu Bandha Dhanurasana. Backbends of all sorts are so good for us because in our everyday life we tend to do the opposite: slump forward. Backbends open up the chest so the lungs can function better, and it stretches the muscles of the chest, belly, hips and legs, while engaging the muscles on the back of the body. 

Full Wheel Yoga Pose With Funny Socks


Frida Callus is wild and fearless so her favourite pose is Pincha Maruyasana; meaning forearm balance. It’s a great pose to increase the blood circulation in your body. It is also beneficial for the digestive system, boosts concentration, makes you more focused, stretches your spine and therefore helps to prevent backaches and other related problems. But watch out - it’s an advanced pose for Yoga masters only! For extra perfection, Frida loves doing this pose next to beautiful flowers!

Pincha Maruyasana Yoga Pose with Frida Callus socks


Being a famous artist is hard work and requires Feetasso to stay focused for many hours in front of his canvas. That’s why he loves a good variation of the Fallen Angel pose to help him develop a better sense of concentration, co-ordination, and balance.

Fallen Angel Yoga Pose with Feetasso socks


A large Grasshopper can jump about a metre, which is 20 times its body length! Isn’t that amazing? If you haven’t guessed, Loli is in a very challenging pose called the Grasshopper. Many people lose their hips mobility as a result of sitting in a fixed position so this pose is great for working on it, as well as strengthening the wrists, arms and abdominal muscles.

Grasshopper Yoga Pose With Loli Socks


Did you know that there are over 20 muscles that cross the hips? Lengthening these muscles allows us to complete basic tasks more freely, for example; squatting down to pick something off the floor. 

Compass Pose Yoga Pose With David Sock-Knee Art Socks


Are you the king or queen of the dance floor? Some dancing moves require good balance and that’s why Venus is so excited about the Natarajasana post, which means ‘The Dance King’. It can help you to improve the balance of the body, your ability to concentrate, and even strengthens the muscles of your hips, thighs and chest. It also looks a bit like a superhero attempting to fly!

Natarajasana Yoga Poses With Venus Socks

We hope you enjoyed these amazing yoga poses brought to you by Aneta, who is a London based Wellness Coach. She’s a Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Therapist, Detox Expert, Mindfulness Facilitator, and a snow and fresh air lover. Through running her wellness retreats all around the world and teaching Wellness/Yoga workshops in London, she is on a mission to take you to new places and share new experiences!