Valentine's Day Gifts

If you’re 'head over heels' in love, now’s the time to treat them – and we always think it's a good idea to play footsie with ChattyFeet characters. 

Shakespeare Socks - ChattyFeet -  - Theatre Gifts Shakespeare Socks- Gifts for theatre lovers

William Shakes-Feet


Funny socks - ChattyFeet -Gift for Opera Fans - La Diva Character Gift For Opera Lovers -ChattyFeet - Fun Socks with La Diva

La Diva


Cool socks - best birthday gift for retro lovers Fun Birthday Gifts - Danny character design by ChattyFeet



Cool socks - Retro design - Sandy Funny Rockabilly Socks Sandy



Ada Lovelace -Funny socks for science lovers Funny Socks - Science Gifts - Mathematician Ada Lovelace

Ada Shoe-Lace


Funky socks - Science Gift Ideas - Stephen Toeking Funny socks for science lovers - Stephen Toeking

Stephen Toeking


Funky socks for women & men- Venus design Funky socks - Cool birthday gift - Venus



Funky socks with characters -ChattyFeet - Commander Awesome funky unisex socks -ChattyFeet - Commander Awesome

Commander Awesome


Funky Socks For Women & Men - Yoko Mono Illustrated Character Socks - Yoko Mono

Yoko Mono


Funny artists gifts - Screamy Ed cool socks Art Gifts - Scream Socks

Screamy Ed


Silly socks for women and men- Sigmund design Cool character socks - illustrated purple character


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