Naughty Socks

Unique gift ideas are never far away with our collection of funny characters. These novelty socks always have something up their sleeve (or trouser leg!) to get you out of a sticky situation. Find criminal masterminds with a soft “sole” hiding out in the ChattyFeet sock drawer.

Don Cottone Socks Novelty socks - Don Cottone

Don Cottone


Vampire socks - Mr. Zukkato Novelty socks with a Vampire character

Mr. Zukkato Socks


Murdoc quirky socks Quirky Socks - Murdoc



The BadAss Novelty Sock Collection for Action Film lovers. Funny Christmas gift - The Sockfather

The BadAss Gift Set


Don Cottone Kids' Socks Funny Kids' Socks - Don Cottone

Don Cottone Jr


Mr. Zukkato kids' socks Vampire Kids' Socks - Mr. Zukkato

Mr. Zukkato Jr


Murdoc kids' socks Funny Kids' Socks - Murdoc

Murdoc Jr


Toeminator Kids' Socks Kids gift - Toeminator Funky Socks

Toeminator Jr