Brainy Socks

Looking for funky science gifts for your brain-box buddy? The ChattyFeet lab is full of smart socks, such as Ada Shoe-Lace, Prof. Brian Sox, Albert Einstoe and Stephen Toeking. Wear them inside your clever clogs to look and feel super smart.

Funky socks - Science Gift Ideas - Stephen Toeking Funny socks for science lovers - Stephen Toeking

Stephen Toeking


Funny socks for science lovers - Ada Shoe-Lace Funny Socks - Science Gifts - Mathematician Ada Shoe-Lace

Ada Shoe-Lace


Science gifts - Albert Einstoe fun socks Science socks with a cool illustrated character - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstoe


Funky socks - The Science Gift Box by ChattyFeet Science gift idea - Cool socks collection

Science Sock Set


Funky kids socks - Science gift - Albert Einstoe Jr Science gifts for kids - Cool socks with a scientist character

Albert Einstoe Jr


Silly socks for science fans - Prof. Brian Sox Silly socks -Science Gifts - Prof. Brian Sox

Prof. Brian Sox


Cool kids socks - Science gift - Prof. Brian Sox Science gift for kids - Prof. Brian Sox design

Prof. Brian Sox Jr