With Father’s Day coming up soon, we’ve had a think about some fun activities that dads and kids can do together on this special occasion. Here are a few cool ideas for children of all ages that will also give dad a fun day to remember.


If there’s Woodland Trust location near to where you live, you can have great fun together by going on a hike through the woods. It’s completely free to visit the Woodland Trust and there are hundreds of locations around the country. Why not turn it into a nature walk, snapping photos of the environment while you wander down shady paths? Take a picnic with you and, when you find a clearing, lay out your blanket and enjoy an alfresco lunch.

If you live near to a Forestry Commission wood, there’s even more fun to be had in the forest. With bike trails weaving their way through the forest you can explore at speed, and older kids can even go on off-road Segway adventure with dad. Vast open lawns provide space for games of frisbee, football or cricket so be sure to take your equipment with you. The Go Ape treetop adventures and playgrounds are great for kids of all ages and they’ll even let dad have a go on the climbing equipment too!

Father's Day Activities - Fun In The Forest

 Seaside shenanigans

Often the best fun is when we’re acting a little childish, so dig out your 2ps and head to the seaside for a spot of arcade fun. This is a great activity for kids of all ages, and dads will have just as much fun playing air hockey and pinball as teens will. Bring a Watermelon to enjoy on the beach and then go for a stroll along the promenade. Finish off the afternoon with a sandcastle competition – dad’s the king of the castle on Father’s Day so who can build the biggest one?

Fun on the seaside for Father's Day

Rainy day raucousness

If you'd rather stay at home to celebrate this Father's Day, there are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy together as a family. Why not gather up some ChattyFeet characters and put on a sock puppet show?? You can act out a silly scene using the socks on your hands (or feet!) to entertain your Dad and make him laugh by talking in the voices of the characters. You could use paintbrushes as props for the artist socks, and maybe even paint a picture while you pretend to be a famous artist too! 

Father's Day Activities - Sock Puppet Show


Baking buddies

If the little ones want to make a Father’s Day treat for dad, why not help them to bake a cake? They could choose the recipe, assist with measuring, stirring and pouring, and can go crazy with the sprinkles when it’s time to decorate the cake. Baking, or even just making sandwiches for a Father’s Day lunch, is something that children will enjoy doing for dad and you can all prepare a special meal together as a family. The kids will learn something new and dad will probably get covered in flour, which will be a right giggle for the little ones!

Baking for Father's Day

Let us know your plans for Father's Day by commenting below.