There’s a lot going on in the world right now – some of it good and some of it bad. So why not use Valentine’s Day to forget about the worst of it for a few hours and focus on the ones you love? That’s what our ChattyFeet socks will be doing. Here’s what some of your favourite pairs will be up to…

Valentines Day Gift Idea

Venus and Commander Awesome

If you’re holding out for a hero, you’ll have to keep holding, because Commander Awesome and Venus are already taken. These partners in crimefighting are head over heels with each other.

It’s Venus’ turn to organise their night out this year. So, in between guarding the city’s sock drawers and locking up the verrucas of society, she’s managed to book the best footstool at the Woolsley.

Commander Awesome is really excited. “After a hard day chasing Sox Luther and his gang, it doesn’t get much better than this! It’s going to be a perfect Valentine’s Day.”

“Hopefully Awesome, yeah. Unless we get a repeat of last year, when you kept glaring at the waiter cos you thought he was robbing a customer.”

“But Venus, he stomped on that lady’s foot. And I swear I saw him eyeing her credit card.”

“He tripped over her foot, Awesome. And she was paying her bill.”

“I know that now, but you can’t ignore the signs. For all we knew, he was about to steal her handbag and unleash his evil foot soldiers on the good citizens of Sockham!”

“I know Awesome, always thinking of Sockham.”

“I’m sorry Venus, I promise I’ll focus on you this time. I’ll turn off superhero mode, and make you feel like the only sock in the room!”

“Oh Commander, that really will be awesome!”


Valentine's Plans - Danny& Sandy - ChattyFeet Socks

Danny and Sandy

Danny and Sandy have been going steady for a while now. And there’s nothing they love more than dancing the night away to some good old sock and roll. So this Valentine’s Day, Danny’s got a surprise up his sleeve for Sandy (well, he would if he had sleeves!). He’s got two tickets to the retro sockabilly night at The Soxy.

Now that she’s home from cheerlaundering practice, Sandy’s styling her victory roll, cleaning her shades, and thinking about what Danny’s got in store. 

“I’ll be darned if I can guess. But I hope we’re going to a club. I love getting my best threads on and going out dancing. And seeing Danny shake his sexy booty on the dancefloor always makes my toes blush…”

Usually Danny plays it cool, but tonight he’s stepping it up. He’s turning up his hems, making his quiff bigger, and he’s even used brill cream on his moustache! And if that doesn’t impress Sandy, he knows his fancy footwork will.

“We’re going to tear it up at the Soxy tonight baby! I’m hoping they play ‘Born to Foot Jive’ so I can get my best moves out for my best girl.”

“Oh Danny, the Soxy! You’re such a stud! Let’s get goin’!”

Danny and Sandy have left the building. Thank you very much.


Valentine's Stories by ChattyFeet

Feetasso and Frida Callus

Feetasso has been intrigued by Frida Callus ever since they first met in Paris. He's always admired her impressive sock portraits on cotton and her avant-garter fashion sense. He imagines himself and Frida wandering round the Toete Modern together, discussing the finer points of Toebism – and his favourite work of hers, ‘Sock portrait dedicated to Nylon Trotsky’. 

Even if other people think they're a couple of odd socks, he thinks they'd make a good pair. So this Valentine’s Day, he’s hoping to show Frida how he feels about her – and he was on cloud nine when she agreed to meet up.

Frida’s a fan of Feetasso’s work too, especially his 'Nude, green socks and a foot'. She loves the way he paints with the sole of a much younger sock, and she’s looking forward to spending more time with him.

“Lots of my portraits are of me because I’m the sock I know best. But it will be nice to get to know Pablo better. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a new muse for my cotton portraits.”

Feetasso is planning to win Frida over with his own portrait of her. He's been working on it for months to make sure he gets everything just right. And tonight’s the night for the big reveal. “I hope Frida will like her portrait – her mouth is where her big toe should be, her left nostril is on her forehead and her eyebrows sit right on her pinky toe.”