Christmas is fast approaching and we’re getting ready to celebrate. As such, we’ve been researching festive traditions and here are some of the funniest ones from around the world.


Hide your brooms
The Norwegians believe that Christmas eve is exactly when the witches and evil spirits decide to make a visit. Everyone hides their brooms before they go to sleep so that the witches don't have access to their usual mode of transport! We think it also helps everyone to avoid house chores so they can drink Gløgg instead... 
Funny Christmas Traditions From Around The World - Norway


In a pickle
The Spanish and German tradition of hiding a gherkin on the Christmas tree is one of the funniest we’ve heard of. Whichever child in the family is first to find the festive pickle is given a gift. It’s become so popular in other countries around the world that you can now buy beautiful glass gherkin baubles.

Unusual Christmas Traditions- Hiding A Pickle - Germany - Spain Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer

Get your skates on
In Venezuela people go to church on Christmas morning… on roller skates. Roads around the capital city Caracas are closed to traffic so that families can celebrate this tradition safely.

Funny Christmas Traditions - Skating in Caracas Photo by Michael Prewett


Yule log
The most unusual tradition we’ve heard of is the ‘pooping log’ known as Tió de Nadal in Catalonia. In the run up to Christmas, children ‘feed’ a smiling hollow-out log with sweets and then, on Christmas eve, they beat it with sticks – much like a pinata – until the log ‘poops’ out the festive treats.

Funny Christmas Traditions - Tio de NadalPhoto by Valerie Hinojosa


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