This day is perfect for getting silly! Read about our April's Fool ideas below.


Chatty Cotton Candy™ (2024)

At ChattyFeet, we don’t just stick to heel-arious cotton socks – this April, we’re spinning off into Chatty Cotton Candy. Meet Candy Toothhole, Don Cotton Candy and William Shakes-Sweet. These extra fluffy characters are here to sweeten up your day.

April's Fool Jokes


Introducing ChattyGPT 📡  (2023)

Talk to your socks as if they were a real person. Harness the power of AI (Ankle Intelligence) and revolutionise your outfit from the ground up.

ChattyGPT - April's Fool 2023


ChattyFest™ - New festival: Step right up (2022)

You’ve heard about Meatopia. You’ve spent a weekend at Truckfest. Now experience a festival inspired entirely by socks. Held in West Sussocks on April 1st, ChattyFest is the place to be for sock star tribute acts, footlong hot dogs and toe yoga.

April's Fool - ChattyFest


PlentyofSocks™ - Dating App (2021)

Get ready to fall head over heels in love. Our world-first dating app, PlentyOfSocks™, creates relationship matches based on your sock preferences. You could get paired up with your perfect partner. You could even meet your sole-mate! Trust us, you’ll be so glad this walked into your life.




ChattyPaws™ - Character socks for dogs (2020)

Is your pooch currently snuggling up to your feet? You might think that this is a sign of affection, but you’d be barking up the wrong tree – it actually means they’d like some socks of their own. Thank dog we’re here to keep their paws warm and soles happy. Time for some re-tail therapy.

Ernest Hemmingwoof
When his old man goes to sea, Hemmingwoof sleeps patiently by the door. Early mornings aren’t for him and he prefers his marlin straight from the can. Also available for humans.

April's Fool - ChattyPaws - Socks for Dogs

Fido Cahlo
This little lady loves wearing flowers in her hair and socks on her paws. She also loves rolling in smelly puddles but the less said about that the better.

April's Fool- Character Dog Socks

Salvadog Dali
If he’s not chewing his way through your novelty telephone, Salvadog loves nothing more than wiggling his whiskers in time with the clock.

Jokes for April's Fool - Dali Character Socks for Dogs



Happy April Fools’ Day!

We hope you liked some of these ideas and now you can discover ChattyFeet socks. From David Toewie to Frida Callus, discover the entire range of playful characters waiting for you in the ChattyFeet shop.

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