We’re determined to make the world a happier place, whether it’s by getting our funny characters into the hands (and onto the feet) of those who could use a laugh, or by raising money for those who need it most. To date, we’ve donated more than 40,590 pairs of socks to charity and raised over £4,000 through our campaigns. Most recently, we’ve put smiles on the soles of frontline NHS staff and delivered socks to the homeless through Crisis.


Charities we support
Here are the charities we’ve supported through our fundraising campaigns and donations.

Charity socks examples


Charity Socks - Donating Socks to Traid - ChattyFeet

Charity socks: A Black Friday worth smiling about

Each year, as the world gears up to do battle over TVs in supermarkets, ChattyFeet does things a little differently. From asking our followers to ‘sail’ away with us on Twitter in return for charitable donations to being cheeky and offering a £0 discount code (which actually meant we donated £3 to charity), we make sure our Black Friday deals create the feel-good factor.

Over the past five years, we’ve been pioneering a Black Friday that everyone can get behind. Follow us on Twitter to see what hilarious new campaign we think up next year.

Charity Socks - ChattyFeet Collaborates with Crisis


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