Miko Socks

by Michiko

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Unique Birthday Gift Idea For Your Seafaring Soul!

Our funky socks with Miko design are the perfect socks for any seafaring sock-lover. They are packed with personality and make a good birthday present for her or him. They're great for silly sock puppet performances as soon as you kick off your shoes. These gift socks are made from Combed cotton which is more natural and feels softer on your skin. Pick up Miko socks and your cool foot wear will soon be helping you to embrace your inner salty sea dog as you splice the main brace!

Now we'll shut up and let Miko tell you more...

"Yarrr me hearties! Splice the main-something and shiver the whatchamacallits - Ugh - pirates don't even talk like that you know! I was a deck hand for two years and we never shivered anything. There wasn't even a parrot on board - the first mate was terrified of the things. Attacked by canaries as a child I believe. The love of gold was real though. One time we discovered a chest full of golden coins -- they turned out to be chocolate so we were forced to eat them before the melted. Forced, I tell you! But now I'm back on terra firma booty seems a lot harder to come by and it's a lot more difficult to make a getaway without a crew, a handful of cutlasses and a boat stuffed with canon. So be a dear and hand over a few quid for my treasure chest, would you? Yarr!"