"What better way to celebrate the nation’s favourite celeb academic than with this pair of socks?"

The Guardian

"For The Trendsetter With Chilly Toes"

The Huffington Post

"Young kids will love giving Dad the ChattyFeet socks - and playing with them."

The Independent

"ChattyFeet is a quirky brand that offers ‘silly sock personalities’ for adults and children alike." 

Design Boom

"Haven’t seen my kids this excited in a long time. (I think they’re pretty cool too!)"



"ChattyFeet Novelty Socks Give Toes Hilarious Disguises"



"Meet the ChattyFeet. Wittingly named and incredibly soft, these are the socks, or friends, you need in your life."

It's Milk and Honey


"... I loved the bright colours and the incredibly soft texture, and I love love love that one pair was called Professor Brian Sox.."

The Prosecco Diaries


"The brand which is, Chatty Feet, has an awesome vibe to it, and basically makes my feet look happy all day long!"

Tolly Dolly Posh


"They’re not just socks……….They are fun………They encourage imaginative roll play with the kids……..They make you want to stare at your feet all day!"

Chelsea Mamma


"I love these socks because they make for an excellent talking point..."



"...the whole family can be kitted out in these life-cheering goodies. "



"ChattyFeet is somewhat of a genius concept."

Overdressed and Underprepared

"ChattyFeet are socks which have the sole intention of making you smile and cheer you up
with funny character on your toes"

Beauty Queen UK


"These certainly are different. They have conversations with you."



"There’s nothing like a funny pair of socks and I’ve been dancing round the house with this cheeky pink pirate on my feet all morning!"

Emily Hearts


"Talk to the socks. ChattyFeet put fun and theatre on your toes"

Smells Like Glue


"The idea of these products is to inspire the wearer to play, whether they are little children or big kids (like me!) who refuse to grow up!"



"Chatty Feet have just the answer to spice up your sock selection and add some comical personality to it."

Boe Magazine

"I love watching them play together and these socks as puppets really brought out Oscar's little imagination..."

Mummy's Zone


"What is true is that these socks are bright and colourful, and are a whole lot of fun, with the design printed on both sides of the sock – making them ideal glove puppets too."

Fashion Mommy