Funky Socks For Men

Funky Socks For Men

What do you get for the man who has everything? A pair of ChattyFeet socks of course! Created with playful people in mind and infused with bags of fun, our funky socks for men with characters make taking off your shoes a pleasure...

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Funky Socks For Men
Funky Socks For Men

What People Say

“These cheerful likenesses should keep feet toasty”

“These creative designs will ensure you’re always at the movies… even when you’re not!”

“Young kids will love giving Dad the ChattyFeet socks - and playing with them.”

Socks With Witty Names

Funky Socks for Men - Leonardo

Leonardo Toe Vinci

If you want to be a world-changing inventor, you can’t get cold feet. Whether this is your 10th pair from ChattyFeet or you are a virgin of the socks, these funny socks for inventors are 75% combed cotton, 100% polymath.

Buy Funky Men's Socks - Toeminator by ChattyFeet


Toeminator is programmed to never break a promise. I’ve come from the future... through a time displacement field 35 years from now. My second in command sent me on a secret mission... to protect ‘little toe’.

Cool Art Socks for Men - Feetasso


For those days when you’ve got creative block and sit staring at a blank piece of paper for hours, Feetasso art socks will get your creative juices flowing and teach you everything you need to know about the Toebism art movement.

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Serious fun. That’s what ChattyFeet socks are all about. We make funky socks with witty names to make you smile and bring a little fun into your day. With cheeky characters for kids and adults, you’ll be sure to find a quirky gift to match your pal’s personality.


Every pair is produced in Europe from combed cotton. It’s what makes them super soft and uber comfy for all-round tootsie happiness. But that’s just a small part of their charm. Our cool sock characters are known to become their owners’ alter egos, unleashing inner divas, clowns and mafia bosses everywhere!


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