Unusual British Gifts - Kate Middle-Toe Collection

She may have the quality and class of a princess but our Kate’s really just a girl-next-door. If you’re looking for an unusual British gift check out our range of graceful accessories with a royal theme. Not only can you find beautifully smiling socks, Kate’s face also adorns a handy tote bag. Complete your collection with our Kate Middle-Tea cup and invite her to join you for a crumpet or two...

Illustrated Character Mug - Kate Middle-Tea Cool Designer Mug - Kate Middle-Tea

Kate Middle-Tea Mug

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Kate Middle-Toe Socks Funny Socks For Royal Fans

Kate Middle-Toe


Cool gift idea for mothers and daughters Matching sock set for mums and daughters

Kate Middle-Toe Family Set


Cotton tote bag featuring Kate Middle-Tote Tote bag with an illustrated character

Kate Middle-Tote Bag

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