With a swoosh of a paintbrush, a scribble of a pen or a roll of a die, you can transform staying in into playing in. We believe that creativity can solve almost anything, so we’ve created four exciting activities to cheer you up while you’re on lockdown. Give them a go and tell us if they brought a smile to your face.


Paint with the greats
When Andy called his artist friend for a quick lockdown catch-up, he was aghast at the lack of colour on the walls. Can you help Jean-Michel make a better first impression? Choose your brightest watercolours and give the room a makeover. We hear Andy likes it when art pops! Click on the image to download the file.

Lockdown Artist Activities 

Colour-in corgis
The corgis have taken over the drawing room and The Queen has her hands full knitting a majestic pair of socks! Can you help her make head or tail of the situation? Her canine companions will need colourful jackets if she’s going to keep track of them all – better get your felt tips out. Click on the image to download the file.

 Lockdown Activities -Queen Colour-In


This one is a-maze-ing
Navigating lockdown can feel a bit like wandering through a maze at times. To win at this challenge, you just need to keep your distance from others. Help Ada find her way to the centre of the maze without bumping into any of the other characters. Click on the image to download the maze.

Lockdown activities - maze 

Swap boredom for a boardgame
Now for an idea that the whole family can enjoy. Giggle your way through lockdown boredom with our staying-in inspired boardgame – just be careful you don’t run out of toilet paper, or you’ll need to go back eight spaces. Click on the image to download the game.

Lockdown Boardgame

We hope that you have had lots of fun with our lockdown activities. We’d love to see photos of your finished masterpieces or videos of you playing the Lockdown Game. Share them with us over on Instagram