ChattyFeet at The Other Art Fair, Sydney

The Other Art Fair in Sydney

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This October, we’ve been involved in a creative collaboration with The Other Art Fair in Sydney. Presented by Saatchi Art, this platform for ‘unexpected’ art is touring around the world over the coming year, taking place in Brooklyn, London, LA, Bristol and Melbourne. The Australian Technology Park was the first stop on this whirlwind tour and marks the third edition of The Other Art Fair in Sydney.

An international platform for emerging talents, The Other Art Fair aims to be a springboard for young and undiscovered artists. What’s so nice about the fair is that the artists are on site throughout the event, talking to people about their artworks and artistic experiences. Buyers can meet artists, creatives can be commissioned, and visitors can discover oodles of design inspiration. It gives up-and-coming artists the chance to form relationships with collectors, gallerists and curators, making it an exciting event for everyone involved.

The Other Art Fair in Sydney, Australia

We love creativity so we thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase our products to a new, young and creative audience. For this collaboration, we created a special treasure hunt for the children attending the fair. They had to find artworks that had a special connection with our socks - a colour, an object or a specific reference - and once they had completed the activity card, they were gifted a pair of ChattyFeet socks.

Art Fair Activity For Kids


The activity cards had black and white sock drawings on the back for children to colour in. Young visitors to The Other Art Fair amazed us by creating a huge variety of colourful designs. We were glad to see that they we’re enjoying the process as much as the end result.

Children Activity - Drawing ChattyFeet Characters


Even so, after they had completed their treasure hunt challenge and coloured-in their own vibrant sock designs, they were equally excited to receive a reward for their efforts. We loved seeing their happy little faces when we gave them a pair of David Sock Knee, Don Cottone and Frida Callus to take home with them!

ChattyFeet treasure hunt at the Other Art Fair, Sydney.

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