The start of a new year gets everyone thinking about the goals they want to achieve in the coming year, as well as the things they want to improve upon from last year. And our ChattyFeet characters are no different. They too have been making (and already breaking!) some New Year’s resolutions for 2017, so read on to find out what they want to do this year…

Prof. Brian Sox
After starring in hit science lecture/musical The Entire Sock Universe (which aired on the BBC over Christmas) Professor Brian Sox has got a taste for the theatre. So our smart scientist sock has resolved to learn a musical instrument in 2017; “I thought about studying the piano but there were just too many keys and I’m used to having just one key point in my theories. Okay, I admit it, I’ve given up on that resolution already. Maybe I’ll try learning to play the triangle instead - as long as it’s equilateral, of course.”

New Year's Resolution - Prof. Brian Sox


Kate Middle-Toe
With many successful product launches in her own fashion range behind her in 2016 just what else has the people’s princess got planned for the new year? Well, she’s already joined the likes of Frida Callus, Feet Mondrian and Albert Einstoe in making a Button Badge of her beautiful smile for 2017; “I’m pretty sure that my face could end up on anything this year so keep an eye out for more designs by oneself. I resolve to get back to the drawing board and come up with even more gorgeous fashions featuring yours truly.”

New Years' Resolutions- Kate Middle-Toe


Commander Awesome
With a whole year of saving the planet behind him, just what IS Commander Awesome going to improve upon in 2017? “Well, after saving the citizens of Sockham City I took a little time off being a super hero and started writing comic strips about my heroics instead. This year, I want to share more of my ‘graphic novels’ and get my stories published. Plus, I need to hit the gym if I’m going to save any more soles – erm, souls - this year; taking a break has made my elastane go all saggy.”

New Year's Resolution - Commander Awesome


We all know that Danny and Sandy are the king and queen of rock ‘n’ roll but what’s the point in all that jazz (and lindy hop, jive or swing) if all Sandy really wants to do is waltz? This year Sandy has resolved to learn to ballroom dance; “It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Strictly, and I’d love to be whisked around the dancefloor in a glamorous glittering ballgown. In 2017 I’m going to learn to become a real twinkle toes and who knows? Maybe I’ll be invited to perform on the show this year?”

New Years's Resolution- Sandy


Brad Feet
2016 was a bad year for Brad, romantically speaking. Our movie star hunk suddenly found himself single again in September and we all rallied around to show him some sock love in our newsletter. This year Brad Feet’s resolution is to find the love of his life; “I’ve been single for nearly four months now and that’s an eternity in Hollywood. I’m going to resolve to be even more smiley (with even better hair) in order to attract a new partner this year. Who knows? Wedding bells could be ringing in time for Valentine’s Day if I hop to it.”

New Year's Resolution - Brad Feet

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Let us know via the comments below.