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Buying presents for your loved ones is not an easy task. You know them so well – surely that must translate into knowing what they would most value as a gift? Wrong. Suddenly you find yourself trapped in a world of ill-fitting jumpers, foods which provoke violent allergic reactions and completely inappropriate magazine subscriptions.

You've probably been on the receiving end of some shocking gift selections too – most likely from friends and family, i.e. the people you'd hope would know you better. When that happens you attempt a convincing smile and start thinking about how to re-gift it in someone else's direction as soon as possible. But when you receive something you genuinely like there's a burst of joy bordering on the magical.

The way we see it, you've got two options here. One is to ONLY be friends with people who, two weeks before their birthday, start saying things like "I wish I had [item which falls conveniently within budget range] – man, that would be brilliant!" The other involves ChattyFeet.

Buying socks used to be a safe choice at Christmas – something you could give even if you knew nothing about the person. You could take a guess at the rough size of their feet and pick up a few pairs for them safe in the knowledge that even if they weren't exciting they would be useful. But in recent years there's been a flood of creativity in the footwear department and socks are definitely getting their turn in the spotlight!

When we created our own sock characters for ChattyFeet we wanted to help people choose great presents by matching the right characters to the right personality. For science-lovers we have Prof. Brian Sox, for comic book fans there are Commander Awesome and Venus, and for movie fans we've got Don Cottone and Brad Feet. They're unique, they make for fantastic gifts, they won't cost you a fortune AND it's easy to pick a great pair.

All you need to do is take a peek at the site and match your friends and family with a character. If they're always telling you about what they dreamed last night we reckon Sigmund might be up their street. Forever humming a tune? La Diva would be the perfect pick. Or perhaps their love of practical jokes would make Kloss the Clown their new best friend? No matter which pair you go for they'll raise a smile whenever your friend kicks off their shoes!

Whether they're for real kids or big kids, our ChattyFeet socks make a great and unusual gift.

For extra-special occasions (or if you just can't decide) we also have gift sets where you can get four pairs for the price of three. Now you can give your loved ones the coolest feet around!

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