Laughing Is Good For You

Why It's Good To Have A Laugh

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Children laugh about 300 times a day and adults only manage 10-15! It's a difficult statistic to stomach, isn't it? How and when did we restrict ourselves from laughter? Yes, we go to the occasional comedy club or funny movie but when was the last time we took the time out of our day to have a laugh? A real hearty laugh? The potential benefits laughter has on our health and well-being are astonishing and we must take advantage!

Can you believe that 10 minutes of laughter can help improve our resistance to pain? Norman Cousins proved this is 1964 when he contracted a debilitating illness. He found that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter gave him at least two hours of pain-free sleep. Making laughter a natural pain killer! Don Cottone, The Sockfather, who is a daily source of pain to many other socks recommends this method to everyone!

It was also discovered by Dr. William Fry, that just 10 minutes of hearty laughter was equal to 30 minutes on his rowing machine. “I believe that we do not laugh merely with our lungs, or chest muscles, or diaphragm, or as a result of a stimulation of our cardiovascular activity. I believe that we laugh with our whole physical being.”
His studies prove laughter is a great aerobic exercise! La Diva knows how important it is to exercise our diaphragms!

We also change physiologically when we laugh. As we laugh we generate endorphins that make the stress hormone cortisol levels come down leaving us feeling more healthy, more energised and more relaxed. Endorphins give us a boost of euphoria and an overall sense of well-being! Something Kloss the Clown can help us out with!

Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian physician says “Laughter is not about laughing. It is actually about cultivating childlike playfulness. Laughter will be the natural outcome of your playful inner child. If you want to get rid of your dependence on jokes and still want to laugh, simply become childlike.” He advocates laughing for no reason and getting in touch with our childlike-self.

Many people have heard the phrase laughter is the best medicine, yet we are still low on laughs. As adults, it is so important that we learn to incorporate laughter back into our daily lives. ChattyFeet socks are here to help us do that! These wonderful characters are here as a reminder, that life is for enjoying! ChattyFeet nudge us in the right direction giving a sign to say it's okay to HAVE A LAUGH!

When was the last time you had a good laugh?

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