September is a month of new beginnings; that first day at high school, starting a new course at college and moving to a new city to study at university. It can be a nerve-wracking time, with endless exciting possibilities ahead of you, and is definitely something to be celebrated. So if your child is starting school, a teenage relative is heading to college or your friend is moving away to university, why not send them a little DIY gift to show them how proud you are of them?

This month we’re packing up some essential items in an ‘emergency box’ for our student pals including must-have items to survive student life (such as toothpaste, cold-relief capsules, cooking utensils and a scouring pad!) as well as a few quirky items to make their time at university more fun. 

The first DIY gift box that we’re posting to our scientist pal includes board marker pens, timetable magnets, a calculator and pack of chalk, along with a big handful of retro sweets that we remember enjoying during our years at school! Nestled amongst these studious staples is the ideal lab-partner for any budding scientist: Prof. Brian Sox. These scientific socks will help students solve the equation to unveil the secrets of the universe, or at the very least, will give their project partners a laugh.

Back to school stationery

The second survival kit we created was for a budding artist so we popped a pack of charcoal, watercolour paints and brushes into a box. Of course we couldn’t resist packing a pair of Feetasso socks for our creative pal and, now that we’ve launched our Artist Box-Set, sending a whole selection of artist characters is even easier. The box set includes famous names from the art world including Andy Sock-Hole, Frida Callus, Vincent Van Toe and Feetasso himself so your creative friend has something to wear to every life-drawing class.

Back to school supplies

Finally, we created this brain-box kit for any great thinkers out there; Sigmund Socks is the ideal couch companion for psychology students everywhere. A notebook, light-bulb and a bag of marbles complete this smart set to help your student enjoy their time off after lengthy lectures. This ChattyFeet character is ideal for helping students to analyse the behaviour of fellow sociologists and find compatible personalities to work with.

Back to school essentials

We remember starting our studies in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins and, looking back on those happy times, we wish we’d had something to break the ice at the start of term. There’s nothing like a pair of silly socks to get a fun conversation started so we wish that “student us” could have travelled into the future, pulled on a pair of ChattyFeet and headed back to that first day of uni - we would have definitely intrigued and impressed our fellow course-mates with our witty characters!

What do you think of these DIY gift ideas for the students in your life? Packed full of must-have student treats (retro sweets optional!) for the scientist, artist or great thinker in your life, we believe that making your own personalised box of essentials will be a great gift to deliver to the dorm during that first (scary!) week of term. It’ll help students put their best foot forward and give them everything they need to succeed.

And to all the students out there - best of luck with your course!