Make 2016 Your Year

7 Easy Ways to Make 2016 Your Year

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Extravagant and ambitious New Year’s resolutions certainly have their advantages, but statistics show that we’re very unlikely to have kept any of them going by the time the calendar flips to February. Instead, we’ve got seven tiny changes you can make day to day that will probably make big changes to your overall quality of life. There are thousands of miniscule life hacks that will have a similar effect, but why not choose three from the list below and see how you get on?

1. Try a little mindfulness
If you’re one of many who’ve been dismissing meditation as too hippie dippie, you’re missing out. Big time. Since convenient mindfulness app Headspace rose to fame and the popularity of adult colouring books soared, people are finally discovering the power of taking some time to look after your mind. We also like the app Good Blocks that lets you push your negative thoughts away.

Push negative thoughts away with Good Blocks app
Good Blocks app helps you to reject negative thinking.

2. Reorganise your sock drawer
Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, we all heard that one growing up. Tidy logic works in much the same way. Start small by getting your sock drawer in ship shape and you’ll soon find that the rest of the house will follow suit. Is your sock drawer looking a bit grey and boring? Why not brighten things up a little bit...

3. Always keep a tenner in your wallet
How many times have you kicked yourself when you get to the bar and find out it’s cash only? Or you just want to pick up a pint of milk at the corner shop and don’t want to get to the £5 limit to use your debit card? Cash may not be the thing of the future, but while it’s still around, you might as well carry a bit of it for emergencies. You can thank us later.

4. Check your spice rack for ancient history
Best before dates are very often something to be sniffed at, but when it comes to spices, they’re worth paying attention to. Once spices are past their best, they go rancid and ruin the flavour of your cooking. Go on out into the kitchen and double check your rack, we promise not to judge you for the coriander seeds that went off in 2003.

In 2016 check your spice rack!

5. Give at least one compliment every day
Be that person who has a positive effect on someone else’s day. It’ll feel great, we promise. Just look how happy Yoko Mono is when Karate Feet tells her she makes him laugh!

Karate Feet giving a compliment to Yoko Mono

6. Get a short walk in every day
The benefits of getting about half an hour of exercise in every day are pretty much endless, and getting it in there isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re office bound at work, try having a stroll during your lunch break or getting off the bus or train a stop early on the way home.

Walking once per day in 2016

7. Have a Facebook cleanse
Nothing feels better than quite literally deleting people from your life that have become an annoyance. The people you only met once but constantly invite you to play Candy Crush, the frenemy from school that constantly brags about how wonderful their life is. Delete, delete, delete! On a side note, we’re never annoying, and you can totally like us on Facebook.

Do you have little life hacks that make a big difference to share? Tell us about them below!

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