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6 Packing Tips For Your Summer Holidays

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Going on holiday soon? Check our suggestions for a stress-free packing experience.

Whether you’re planning a weekend break at the beach, a mountain hike or a camping adventure this summer, make sure you don’t find yourself panicking over your suitcase at the last minute. From must-have lists to wrapping tricks, we’ve rounded up a few suggestions to make your holiday packing stress-free.


1. Make a List
Worried that you’ll forget something at home? Make a list of what you’re planning to take with you, starting with the essentials, then the important items and, lastly, the things you’d like to take but only if there’s enough space left in your suitcase. Consider how many items of each type of clothing you’ll need take with you so that you’ll have enough tops, underwear and outfits to wear for the entire holiday. Passport? Check. Swimsuits? Check. ChattyFeet socksCheck!

Holiday tips- Plan list

2. Roll your clothes (and socks!)
Most people fold their clothes when packing but it’s proved that rolling them instead is a real space saver. Roll your t-shirts, trousers, jackets and socks and not only will you save plenty of space, you’ll also avoid getting them wrinkled. Watch this YouTube video from Toby Leone and learn how to pack a full outfit into your favourite pair of ChattyFeet socks.

3. Leave the foreign currency at home
Forget huge commissions when exchanging your money abroad and the long queues at the post office when buying foreign exchange. Travel without stress by packing an international pre-paid card such as Monzo  or Revolut before you take off. These cards will give you the best possible exchange rate and won’t charge any extra fee when paying or taking cash out abroad. Plus you’ll be able to receive and transfer money super fast in case of emergency. Cool, huh?

Holiday tips - currencies

4. Use cling film
Taking toiletries or fragile gifts overseas? Cling film will become your best friend. Use it to wrap shower gel, sun cream and toothpaste to avoid annoying liquid leaks in your suitcase. Cling film is also ideal to wrap and protect stuff like jewellery, cameras, souvenirs and everything else you think might get damaged during the trip.

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5. First things first
What will you need once you’ve arrived at your destination? Don’t pack your PJs at the bottom of the suitcase if you’re landing at night time, for example. Bring an extra pair of socks in case you’re taking your shoes off during the flight. Or prepare a whole outfit including underwear and socks at the top of your luggage so you can quickly change and go out exploring as soon as you get to your destination, without having to unpack the whole case.

Tips for holidays - what to pack first

6. Know your limits
Knowing your weight and size limits - especially when flying with low-cost airlines - is key to making your trip easy and stress-free. Remember to always check the airline website at least a week before travelling and make sure the suitcase you’re taking with you fits the size requirements of the company.

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